Student reading/discussion group

Monday 27th November 4-5pm at The Sitting Room, Turl Street Kitchen, 16-17 Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DH.


We will now be holding the first student reading/ discussion group on Monday 27th November (Week 8) at 4-5pm, in the Sitting Room, Turl Street Kitchen Come along to our last event of the term for cake and Christmassy child rights cheer. The student reading/ discussion group is a new initiative to create a relaxed space for postgrads and postdocs from a range of departments working on children’s welfare issues to meet socially, discuss how our research is going and also discuss readings of common interest.

A common theme across all our seminars this term has been “Are some groups of children missing out from human rights?” To kick us off, I’ve attached an article by Vanessa Pupavac, controversial when it was published, which suggests that the international Children’s Rights regime ignores children in the Global South, and pathologises non-Western child-rearing norms. Agree? Disagree? Come along and discuss!


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