Re-imagining rights for dis/abled children

Tuesday 21st November at 12.30-2pm in Seminar Room E, Manor Road Building. Oxford Children’s Rights Network will be holding our third event of the term where Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole (Chair in Education at The School of Education at the University of Sheffield) will be speaking on the subject “Re-imagining rights for dis/abled children”

“Children who attract the label of learning disability or cognitive impairment have been consigned to the margins of social and political membership. In this presentation, drawing on a critical disability perspective, I explore the dual process of disablism and ableism that have produced a context in which disabled children are denied their rights. Finally, I argue that by accepting disability as a defining feature of humanity, it is possible to re-imagine a rights based agenda for dis/abled children.”

Katherine Runswick-Cole is Chair in Education at The School of Education at the University of Sheffield. She has published extensively in the field of disabled children’s childhood studies. Recent publications include: The Palgrave Handbook of Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies (edited with Curran and Liddiard, 2017) and Re-thinking Autism: disability, identity and diagnosis (edited with Mallett and Timimi, 2016)

A light sandwich lunch will be provided. Please fill in so that have an idea of numbers and any dietary requirements.


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