Micro-Internship opportunities in Children and Youth Charities in UK

Dear OCRN,

Please see below the details of some exciting internship opportunities in children and youth charities in the UK, available exclusively to Oxford students through the Micro-Internship Programme, which may be of interest to members currently at Oxford

For further details of these (and many other) internships, and to apply, please see CareerConnect before the deadline of May 8th, 2016.


Donnington Doorstep Family Centre

Independent charity set up by local parents on the Donnington Estate in East Oxford, providing support services for children, their families and the community with a focus on supporting families at risk. Offering four roles: Researcher, Fundraiser, Clothing Pop-Up Shop Organiser and Volunteer Programme Developer.

Oxford Neighbourhoods Partnership

An umbrella organisation taking over community-led projects for community betterment from the existing CWW Co-operative Trust. Interns can choose a project to suit their interests and experience, and will compile a report to the new Board of Trustees.  Projects include: International Relations, Legal Practice, Geography, History, Community Action, and Local History.

The Nasio Trust

Supports orphaned & vulnerable children and their communities in western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health & developing commerce. The task: to produce a viral marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Trust and their fundraising events. 


Student charity providing tutoring for disadvantaged children who don’t speak English as a first language. Seeking an intern to create & execute a campaign strategy to build their alumni relations.


Award-winning charity providing behavioural support to young people at risk of exclusion from school. Seeking interns to help plan their psychology conference in October, including identifying and arranging speaker, deciding on location, marketing and target audience.

Home-Start Oxford

Parenting support charity whose trained volunteers offer support, friendship and practical help, through home-based visits to families who are experiencing difficulties. Looking for an intern to convert their forms to an online format, transforming the way they can demonstrate their impact.

Teach a Child – Africa

Voluntary organisation and registered charity founded in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic to help orphaned children in Kenya. The intern will aid the charity’s corporate fundraising efforts by identifying trusts may support the charity’s work, preparing fundraising materials submitting funding requests to trusts.



International charity transforming lives through education. Seeking an intern to work on how to attract the right calibre of candidates into the Ark apprenticeship programme, designing the research, collecting data and analysing it to identify the best options. You will write a report on your findings and create a marketing strategy aimed at 16 to 23 year olds.


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